An Inspector Calls

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  • An Inspector Calls.
    • The inspector (Mr Goole.)
      • Establishes that everyone had something to do with why the girl ( Eva smith/Daisy Renton.) dies/ commits suicide.
        • He leaves them after making a speech about social justice.
          • " Its my duty to ask questions"
            • " He never seemed like a ordinary police inspector"
          • He intrups the family a lot.
    • Mr Birling
      • Hosts the dinner to celebrate his daughter's (Shelia.) and Gerald's engagement.
        • "Im a public man"
          • He declares that a mans responsibilty is only to himself and his family.
            • He became increasingly concerned about only the scandal.
              • "A heard-headed practicle of man of business"
                • He tries to intimidate the inspector ( Mr Goole.) , but also tries to protect himself and his family.
                  • Two years ago he fired Eva smith/Daisy Renton from his factory.
    • Mrs Birling
      • Blames the girls death on the father of the unborn baby but little she knows that the father is her son ( Eric.)
        • Praises Gerald for presenting the ring.
          • Disgusted to learn that Daisy Renton was Gerald mistress.
            • Treats the Inspector as an inferior.
              • Inferior: A person lower in rank.
              • "A rather cold women"
                • "The most prominent member of the committee"
    • Sheila Birling
      • Realises that the point of this was to learn to treat people better.
        • Shows genuine emotion when she hears that the girl has died ( Eva Smith/Daisy Renton.)
          • After she hears that Gerald has a affair with Daisy Renton she breaks off the engagement.
            • Shelia is responsible of Eva Smith losing one of her jobs.
              • She reveals that Eric drinks too much.
                • " Oh-how horrible!"
    • Eric Birling
      • Accuses his mother of killing his child.
        • Stole money from his fathers firm to give it to Eva.
          • Accepts guilt.
            • Drinks too much/ at the family dinner.
    • Gerald Croft
      • Recued Daisy Renton from a drunken man.
        • He finds out that the inspector isnt who he says he is.
          • "that was cleaver of you Gerald"
            • Gives Shelia engagment ring at the dinner.
              • Agrees with Mr B about how the business should be run.
    • Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
      • Became pregnant.
        • Geralds mistress.
          • Mr Birling sacked her from the factory.
            • Applied to the charity for the help but was turned down.
              • Got sacked from the dress shop


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