Agression Institutional- Between groups

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  • Aggression- Institutional
    • Between institutions
      • Genocide
        • Power, different beliefs and religions, resources/ land
        • Minimal groups paradigm- Tajfel
          • school children asked which photo they liked better- sorted into two groups. 'Klee' and 'Klandinski' each was asked to rate another individual and this would be changed to money- Klees scored high if in their group and low if in the other group- vice versa!
        • Staub (1999)- identified 5 stages in the process of genocide
          • 1- difficult social conditions
          • 2- Scapegoating off a less powerful group
          • 3- Negative evaluation and dehumanisation of the target group
            • If you dehumanise the target group, the members will be seen as worthless animals and not worthy of moral consideration. Rwanda 'hate' radio station talks about 'cockroaches'
          • 4- Moral values and rules become inapplicable and killing begins
          • 5- Passivity of bystanders enhances the process
            • Bystander passivity- doing nothing EG. UN in Rwanda, several marines during the Mai Lai Massacre, allows killing to continue- could signal consent
        • Social Dominance Orientation(SDO)
          • Aggression towards immigrant/ asylum seekers in the UK partly due to personaliity, high SDO- emphasise social hierarchy and see the world as a competitive jungle.


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