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Aggressiom studies revision mind map

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  • Aggression
    • Biological
      • Genes
        • Sandberg (314 xyy, more likely)
        • Theilgaard (Personality traits of xyy)
        • Lagerspetz (The mice)
        • Brunner (Y cripples MAOA)
      • Neurotransmi-tters
        • Seretonin
          • Brown et al (Waste product of Serotonin low in aggressive
        • Dopamine
          • Ferrari (rats fight, reduced dopamine)
      • Hormones
        • Olweus (testosterone levels of 16 yr old boys who said in questionnaire aggres)
        • Dabbs (more aggres crime more testos)
        • Kouri et al (given testos, money reducing game)
      • Brain Structure
        • Bard (removed cat cortex= aggres/removed cat hypothalomouno longer aggres)
        • Portegalet al (direct stimulation of amygdala angry hamster)
        • Phineas Gage (frontal Lobe)
        • Raine et al (Pet scan of murders, parts of brain less activity)
    • Evolutionary
      • Infidelity
        • Buss et al (women upset by relationship/ men upset by sleeping around)
      • Murder
        • Daly and Wilson (men kill sexual rivals/ women in self defence)
      • Group Display
        • Shia Muslin practices
        • Haka
        • Zak (co-operative hormone)
        • Lynch Mobs (Threats to gene pool)
        • Clark (HOWEVER lynch mobs in Brazil victims posed no threat)
    • Social Psychological
      • Social Learning Theory
        • Bandura (Bobo Doll)
      • Media Violence
        • Bushman (Uni students and white noise)
        • Parkes et al (Belgian Teenagers)
        • Charlton et al (st helen islands no tv)
        • Hagall et al (How much tv delinquents watch)
    • Deindividuation
      • Zimbardo (4 lady students electric shock in lab + hooded coats)
      • Rehm (Uniforms in team more aggressive)
      • Mann (Crowds for suicides)
      • Watson (Warriors changing appearance + torturing)
    • Institutional Aggression
      • Zimbado (prison study)
      • Mills et al (Alcohol dependence)
      • Kane and Janus (Unemployed inmates)
      • Poole and Regoli (inmates violent outside are violent inside)


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