Aggression Case Studies

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  • Aggression
    • Genetic Explantion
      • Support- Matson (MOAO deficient mice attack and no hierarchy)
      • Support- Bruner (Dutch family 9 violent males)
      • Support- Mednick (1400 convicted males criminal record compared to adoptive criminal parents (15%) or biological criminal parents (20%))
    • Biological Explanation
      • Neurotransmitters
        • Supports- Raine et al (PET scan of 40 murderers. less activity in amygdala)
        • Support- Phineas Gage (pole through amygdala)
      • Hormonal
        • Support- Dabbs et al (out of 700, ****** had more testosterone than burgulars)
        • Support- Kilnesmith (assemble gun, or play mice trap. chili drink. measured testosterone)
        • Challenge- Sapolsky (middle raking monkey)
    • Evolutionary Explanation
      • Group Displays
        • Warfare
          • Support- Allen (20000 ***** in Bosnia genocide program)
          • Support- Chagnon (Yanomamo frequent fighting over women)
        • Sports
          • Supports- Cialdin (after uni fottball, scarves)
          • Supports- Maynard and Parker (territorial ownership and dominance advantageous in animals)
      • Infidelity and Jealousy
        • Support- Nannini and Meyer (300 M and F 3 scenarios on 7 point scale)
        • Support- Shakleton et al (asked men about mate retention techniques. +ve correlation between MRT and violence)
    • Institutional Agression
      • Importation Model
        • Support- Delisi et al (gang member=more aggressive)
        • Support- Poole and Regoli (tested both deprivation and importation model. Found pre-institional violence best prediction)
      • Situational Model
        • Support- Zimbardo (prison study)
        • Challenge- Light (25% of assualt had no obvious motive)
    • Social Learning Theory
      • Support- Jamie Bulger
      • Support- Bandura et al (Bobo Doll, 75 children)
      • Support- Bandura (Immitation of film mediated aggression)
      • Challenge-Chalton (St Helena before and after TV)
    • Deindivation
      • Support- Zimbardo et al (Prison study)
      • Support- Zimbardo (lab coat, shock study)
      • Support- Diener et al (trick or treaters, alonevsgorup, anonymity vs nonanonminity)
      • Challenge- Gergen, Gergen and Barton (dark room arousal study)


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