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  • Aggression
    • Social psychological explanantions
      • Deindividuation
        • 1-Le bon- Crowd behave transf, loss self control, drugs/alc,zimbar- loss of moral.2- Zim: prison, Mann: Suici, Mullen: lynch- papers,X-pro-social behave, Walster-cultural war paint,
      • Institutional Aggression
        • 1)Irwin- Importation, Skyes-situational (5), 2) Hover: Black-violent, white-drugs Irwin:-straight-reject aggressive, Kane:High crime-unemploy Mckarkie:Less privacy-more aggress=Nijman-psych ward, Johnston:Overcrd
    • Biological explanations
      • Neural/hormonal aggression
        • 1- Neurotrans:seratonin deple, Dopamine:XS, Hormones- Cortisol: More agg, Testoster: Castration, boys peak 2-Raleigh:Neuro diet, Ferral:10 day fight Brain +Kreuz:No signif diff with testos of aggressive people and non-vio/murderes, Mcburnett: 4 year children low cort= aggress
      • Genetics- twin studies, 100%-50% Mcgruffin87% aggres ident, 72% non. Adop- Hutchings-14,00 Danish violent=violent parent-bio? Meth= - rare find sep twins. MAOA Alt, Brunner- dutch fam, exposure? Caspi- diathesis stress model- analysed children. Cor/ caus? Stigmatism?
    • Aggression as adaptive response
      • Human aggression, evolu exp
        • 1- infedi,jel- mate-reten tactics, avoid cuckoldry paternal uncertainty,wilson, Buss-  direct guarding, uroxocide- lack of resources? 49%killers unemployed. 2-Shackleton: 561 hetero femal;mate reten,- violence, Shackleford- women more risk reproduce, Buss- bad for comp, looses partner.
      • Group displays


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