Social Psychological Aggression

Mind Map showing the explanations and some IDAs for Social Psychological Aggression

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  • Social Psychological Aggression
    • Deindividuation
      • An individual will become aggressive because they lose their identity and personal responsibility
        • Maybe because they are: Anonymous, under the influence, have a sensory overload, have reduced responsibility or high arousal
      • Social Approach
        • Ignores genetics, sides with nurture
      • Real world applications: CCTV, and explains real world aggression e.g football, riots
        • However research mostly developed in western society, and doesn't explain aggression in people who ahven't been deindividuated
      • Le Bon: Collective mob mindset
        • Fear and guilt removed
      • Zimbardo and Gergen
        • Support, refute
    • Social Learning Theory
      • Behavioural Approach
        • Reductionist: oversimplified because it doesn't account for genetics
      • We imitate aggression when we observe the behaviour with vicarious reinforcement as we hope to receive the same reward
        • e.g When we see someone be violent and get cheered on, we imitate in the hope of also being supported
      • ARRM: Must pay attention, retain the information, have the ability to reproduce the actions and be motivated to do so
        • More likely to imitate if they are friends, similar age or older, same gender and of higher social status
      • Studies: Badura's Bobo Doll, Charlton's St Helena, Mormons
        • Support, refute, support
        • ETHICS
    • Institutional
      • Importation Model
        • Criminals bring the aggression into prisons with them
          • Explains why some inmates aren't aggressive
      • Deprivation Model
        • Liberty, Autonomy, Good and Services, Heterosexual Relationships, Security
        • Ignores individual differences
        • Aggressive in hope of gaining control
      • Male bias. Nature v nurture. Social approach, ignores bio.
        • Supports and refutes


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