Aggression Key Points

This mind map goes through the causes of aggression and the three main explainations behind It. (Biological, Psychodynamic and SLT)

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  • Aggression
    • Biological Explaination
      • Limbic System - the part of the brain that causes aggression
      • Brain disease - damage to the brain caused by illness or trauma
      • prefrontal cortex - the very front of the brain. it is involved in social and moral behaviour and controls aggression
    • Social Learning theory (SLT)
      • Vicarious Learning -- learning by observation
      • monitoring -- judging whether our own behaviours are appropriate or not
      • Punishment - a stimulus that weakens behaviour because it is unpleasant and we try to avoid it.
    • Psychodynamic explaination
      • Displacement - being aggressive towards other people
      • Freud - not a case study but he is the the researcher who discovered the psychodynamic approah
      • Sublimation - channeling our aggression into other acceptable activities
    • Causes of Aggression
      • Biological abnormalitie in the prefrontal cortex or amygdala can cause aggression
      • Situational causes = poor housing, low income, poor parenting, bad education are all examples of situational cause of aggression


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