social and biological reasons for aggression

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  • aggression
    • social
      • SLT
        • observing
        • reward =likely to repeat
        • Bandura bobo dolls
          • replicated behaviour
          • nursery children 3- 5 1/2 2 conitions
          • ethics, protection from harm
            • ethnocentric, can you apply to adults?
      • deindividuation
        • change when part of a crowd, lose autonomy
          • Zimbardo female undergrads 2 conditions hooded shocked twice as long
            • gynocentric ethnocentric
        • Postmes- lack of support for theory
      • institutional
        • importation model
          • bad apple- prisoners behavior is due to them not prison
            • HUFF gang members in US 10X more likely to murder than non-gang members
              • High security prisons have higher assaults on staff, suggesting personality of inmate not prison
        • deprivation model
          • prisoners aggressive due to prison environment
          • SYKES deprivations of prisoners related to violence e.g. loss of Security Liberty Automony Goods and services Sexuality
          • Zimbardo - prison study situational factors had major influence on guards behavior
    • biological
      • neurotransmitters
        • serotonin
          • low levels = aggression
            • Mann et al - 35 healthy subjects take drug known to deplete serotonin complete questionnaire found increased aggression in females but not males.
            • Raleigh - Ververt monkeys diet high in serotonin decreased aggression and diet low in serotonin increased aggression
        • Dopamine
          • high levels=aggression
            • Anti psychotics which decrease dopamine levels reduce aggression in violent delinquents
            • study on mice does dopamine cause aggression or is dopamine a result of aggression?
      • hormonal
        • testosterone
          • Dabbs salivary test on violent and non violent criminals higher testosterone levels found in violent criminals
            • gender bias, focused on men, what about women, study shows increased testosterone makes women nicer in some situations.
          • Cindman- young males who were drunk who were most aggressive had highest levels of testosterone.


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