Psychology a2 Aggression SLT

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  • Aggression - SLT
    • Bandura - Bobo Doll
      • 66 children from a nursery school at Stanford Uni
        • small sample, age biased, children from one uni - limits generalizability, applicability
      • Shown video of adult behaving aggressively towards the bobo doll
        • Low ecological validity, not applicable to real life. unrealistic
      • 3 conditions: behaviour rewarded, punished & no consequence
        • Those in condition 2 (punished) least likely to show aggressive behaviour
        • No difference in other 2 groups
    • Williams
      • Studied levels of aggression in children aged 6-11
        • Children from a community in Canada (where TV had only just been introduced)
          • Cannot generalise to other locatiosn
        • Age biased
      • Levels of physical aggression increased in those who had never seen TV before
    • Aggression is learned through observation of role models and imitation/ direct experience
    • Idea of reinforcement is fundamental. More likely to repeat behaviour if rewarded than if punished
    • Can be criticised of being over simplistic.
      • ignores biological factors
        • genes & hormones
        • good scientific vallidity
    • Anderson et al
      • Investigated whether playing violent video games leads to individuals acting more aggressively
      • 200 American college students
        • culture bias, age bias, college students -> educated; can guess the aim of the study: affect validity & reliability
      • 2 groups: 1) played V video games 2) non-V video games
      • Afterwards allowed to punish an opponent with a loud blast of noise
        • Groups who played V video games used longer blasts
      • ignores influence of free will
        • controversial to our legal system: people are responsible for their aggressive behaviour : free will
      • Real world applications
        • Age restrictions on games, films etc.
    • Individual differences
    • Good face validity


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