Ageing Population

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  • Ageing Populations- UK
    • In 2005, 16% of the UK population was over 65
    • By 2041, this could be 25%
    • Causes
      • Increased life expectancy and falling birth rates
      • Life expectancy is longer because of improvement in medicine and better living standards
      • The baby boom is now the 'pensioner boom'
      • Since 1970's number of babies born has fallen. Fewer young people, more older people
    • Problems
      • More elderly living in poverty
      • Health service under pressure as older people need more care
    • Solutions
      • Raise the retirement age- people will work for longer, paying more tax and claiming less pensions
      • Encourage immigration of young people to the UK- increases number of tax payers, helps pay for pensions and services
      • Encourage women to have more children
      • Encourage private pensions- with private pensions, people won't be so dependent on the state pension
      • 3 years paid parental leave can be used by mothers or fathers
      • Full time schooling starts at age of three fully paid by the government
      • More children a woman has, the earlier she's able to retire on a full pension
    • Successful?
      • too early to tell
      • likely that future generations have to work longer and rely on their families to look after them in old age
    • dependency ratio=
      • number of dependant people ___________number of independant people
        • X 100


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