The ageing population

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  • Ageing Population
    • There are increasing numbers of aged 65 and over and decreasing numbers of children under 16
    • Elderly one person households
      • Increase in one-person households over state pension age
      • In 2005, 14% of all households were this type
      • Women aged 65 and over were more likely to live alone due to higher life expectancy
        • In 2005, 59% of women aged 75 and over were living alone
    • Kinship diversity
      • Evidence that working-class families still see great virtue in maintaining extended families
      • Villians - Janet Foster (1990)
      • Philipson and Downs (1999) and O'Brien and Jones (1996)
      • Ross et al - (2006)
    • Beanpole Families
      • Brannen (2003)
      • Recent emergence of four generation families
      • Families today are less likely to have horizontal ties, now more likely to experience vertical ties
      • 20% of people in their 50s and 60s currently care for an elderly person
      • 10% care for both and elderly person and a grandchild


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