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  • Effects of ageing
    • Basal metabolic rate
      • Definition: The rate at which we use energy to keep ourselves alive whilst at rest, but not asleep
      • Decreases during ageing as fewer metabolically active cells
        • explains obesity if old people do not exercise
      • Conditions: lying down in the warmth, not eaten for 12 hours
    • Cardiac output
      • = stroke volume x bpm
      • Decreases as we age because cardiac muscle cells become smaller and may die
        • especially likely if old person does not exercise
    • Nerve conduction velocity
      • Neurones die as people age and are not replaced
      • The speed at which impulses pass along neurones decreases
        • myelin sheath becomes thinner so more ions leak out affecting potential difference
        • Snapses produce less neuro-transmitter


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