age and crime 

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  • age and crime
    • peak age is between 15-18 with young males much more likely to offend than females.
    • always been the case that young people form the largest group of criminals and deviants not just recently
      • e.g 'hooligans' in 1980's, razor gangs 1920s, teds and beatniks in 1950's to mods and rockers in 1960s
    • 2002 self report study found that almost half of britains  secondary school students addmitd to having broken the law.
    • explanation
      • status fustration
        • cohen argues that most delinquents are motivated by status fustration, young people are fustrated at their lack of an independent status in society and are caught in the transition between child and adult status
      • peer group status
        • miller (1962) also suggests that lower working class young males are most likely to engage in delinquency than females or middle class males because their subculture has a number of focal concerns which carry with them
          • tougness, smartness, masculinity, clever and amusing, fatalism (sense they can do little about their lives), autonomy, trouble.
          • miller suggests that these focal concerns are shared by many lower working class males of all ages but they are likely to become exaggerated in the lives of young people as they seek to achieve a peer group status.
      • edework and the peer group


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