Age Inequality

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  • Age and Inequality
    • Defining
      • Youth
        • Legal definition is blurred
        • Some rights are the same to adults and are accepted for young at 16 but others 18
        • People tend to be treated as a problem that must be controlled or vulnerable
      • Old Age
        • social construct - behaviour we associate with different ages are dependent on societal norms and values
        • ONS figures - nearly 1/3 of UK population is aged 50 +
        • which people can claim pensions is rising as the age which can claim
    • Functionalist
      • view agree as positive (consensus) order have low status in society. Disengagement = gradual process of withdrawing from society. Role is to socialise young for future
        • Assumes that everyone shares experiences of growing old / for some this is a time of poverty and ill-health
    • Untitled
    • Marxism
      • Dominant groups control wealth and power. old and young make up reserve army of labour as lower status as they can be paid less in economic growth and are the first to be sacked. Secondary sectors - offers the young short-term low skilled work
        • too much focus on class so little discussion. few lived to be old at Marx
    • Feminism
      • elderly women are more likely to be the victims of poverty and depend on men throught adult life. Take responsibility of unpaid caring so less money for retirement. Dual burden, An aging population and cuts to welfare mean women will further suffer as they willtake responsibility for the old
    • New Right
      • An equal society is impossible because we are all naturally different - can explain through loss of health and ability. People do not prepare for their own old as have been taught to rely on the state. A lot of children grow up in poverty due to the cycle of deprivation and dependency culture
        • New Right do not accept that capitalism and patriarchy might account for age inequality and ignore the existence of prejudice. Tend to blame the individuals for their own poverty old age.
    • Weberianism
      • biological age cannot be changed but choice on how it affects does. Lifestyle choices influence. young are acting old  (individualist)
    • Postmodernism
      • Postmod focus on social changes and account what is happening in UK so approach may be more relevant than other theories. They do not offer a useful explanations of how inequality occurs as don't acknowledge it as a process


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