Age and religiosity

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  • Age and religiosity
    • children (0-16)
      • attend churches and denominations but not commited long term. attendance rates drop at 15
        • made to go to organised social activites such as playgroups and sunday school- not beliefs
    • young adults (16-29)
      • least religious age group. most likely to join sects and cults
      • want to experiment (DIY cocktail), most affected by media saturation, anomie,lose collective worship, disenchantment
    • middle aged (30-65)
      • attendance increased around 50. belong to all religious organisations
      • empty nest syndrome (berger), relative deprivation
    • elderly (65+)
      • most committed age group, attendance declines at 65, churches and denominations
      • deep seated religious beliefs from childhood. nearer to death, less affected by media, mobility issues affecting attendance


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