Age and Crime

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  • Age and Crime
    • Age Differences in Crime
      • Browne (2009) - peak age for offending in England and Wales is 15-18
      • Deviance between younger generations is known as 'Juvenile Delinquency' - been present in society from time memorial
        • Crime more known about now due to media and social network
    • Statistics
      • 2002 Official stats: roughly 1/2 of all convictions were offenders 21 and under
      • 2002 BCS: over 1/2 of all secondary students admitted to have broken the law
      • Roe and Ash (2008) - 2006 self-report study showed 22% of 10-25 yo's admitted to committing 1+ crimes in past 12 months
      • The Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime (1998): longitudinal study - studied 4,300 youths, found around 1/2 the crimes committed by 11-15 yo's involved vandalism, fighting and shoplifting
    • Explaining Youth Crime
      • Edgework and Peer Group: Katz (1988) and Lyng (1990)
        • The search for thrills and excitement amongst all young people means that they often tend to 'live on the edge'.
          • The 'buzz' of deviant actions 'gratifies' young people and this often outweighs the risks of getting caught
            • This is reinforced by the fact that peer group status can be obtained through delinquent actions and therefore a cycle begins whereby group involvement minimizes the risk of getting caught
    • Age and Victimisation
      • Due to the young having the most important opportunity to commit crime, they are also exposed to a greater risk of being a victim of crime
      • Wilson (2006): young people are the most likely to be victims of crime with 27% of 10-25 yo's reporting that they have been victims of crimes such as theft and assault


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