Age and Belifs

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  • Age and Belifs
    • Islam and Age
      • Muslims had the youngest age profile of the main religious groups in the 2011 census
        • 48% (1.3 million) aged 25 and under
        • 9/10 people - 88% (2.4 million) were aged under 50
      • Youngest age profile in 2001
    • Reasons for Age Difference in Participation
      • Voass and Crockett (2005)
        • Two explanations for age differences in religion
          • 1. The Ageing Effect: the view that people turn to religion as they get older - as we approach death we naturally become more concentrated about spiritual matters
          • 2. The Generational Effect: the view that as society becomes more secular, each new generation is less religious than the one before
        • They argue that the second point is more significant
    • The Future?:
      • Bruce
        • Predicts that the age and religion trend will continue and it wont be long before the over 65s are the majority
          • Exceptions - Pentecostal Churches and Islam
      • Gill
        • Children are no longer receiving religious socialization so it is likely that within a few generations Christian beliefs could be a minorty
    • Age Groups of Cults and Sects
      • Heelas (2005)
        • Believe that New Age beliefs in the holistic milieu are growing rapidly despite few young people being involved with it
          • Holistic Milieu - a range of activities which involve mind, body and spirit
    • Age Groups of Denominations and Churches
      • Age groups of denominations are similar to churches due to the closely related structure of the two
      • Parents bring their children and teach them the beliefs
        • Meaning they continue into the next generation
          • Therefore the age groups within can vary


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