Age in AIC

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  • Age
    • Sheila & Eric
      • Eric stands up to his parents when it becomes clear that they will not take responsibilty.
        • Eric sees that his parents are trying to 'pretend' that nothing happened when it is suggested that the Inspector was not real. He and Sheila, the younger characters, still feel responsible.
        • "You’re beginning to pretend now that nothing’s really happened at all."
    • Mr and Mrs Birling
      • Mrs Birling explains her decision to turn away Eva when she came to her for help.
        • Despite hearing about all the misfortune that Eva Smith has suffered, Mrs Birling is unmoved and stubbornly stands by her decision to turn Eva away.
        • "So I was perfectly justified in advising my committee not to allow her claim for assistance."
    • Older Vs younger
      • Mr Birling turns on his son Eric and nearly attacks him physically.
        • Mr Birling implies here that Eric is a 'fool' because he is young. Ironically, it is the older Arthur who nearly resorts to physical violence.
        • "Why, you hysterical young fool - get back - or I'll -"


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