Agave Key Quotes

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  • Agave
    • 'But she was foaming at the mouth and rolling her eyes in all directions, not in her right mind, possessed by the Bacchic'
    • 'She did not do it by her own strength, but the god gave power to her hands'
    • 'I left the shuttles by my loom, and have come to something greater: hunting wild animals with my bare hands'
    • 'Come, stand in a circle and take hold of the trunk, maenads, so that we can capture the climbing beast, and stop him reporting the secret dances of the god'
    • 'She walks on rejoicing in her disastrous prey [...] she wins tears as her prize'
    • 'Dionysus destroyed us; now I understand'
    • 'It has been decided; we are miserable exiles!'
    • 'Lead me, escorts, to where I can take my pitiable sisters with me into exile'


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