Against votes for women

Some key arguements on against votes for women. All 

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  • Against votes for women
    • Men and women have different interests. Women are home-makers and mothers. It is the role of the men to debate and take difficult decisions.
    • It is mainly middle-class women campaigning for the vote. They will have little interest in laws to help ordinary working people.
    • Women are not rational. They are too emotional to be trusted with the vote.
    • Women are pure and should be protected form the grubby world of politics.
    • Giving respectable women the vote will also encourage them to develop their careers an neglect their family duties. Only the lower classes will have children.
    • Giving the vote to women will mean giving it to all men - including layabouts and riffraff.
    • Why worry about the vote? There are much more pressing concerns such as Ireland and the trade unions.
    • Women do not fight in wars for their country. So they should not have a say in whether the country should go to war.


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