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  • Against Hume
    • Hume's thesis can't allow for an agent to act differently in the same circustances
      • There would have to be a change in the circumstances. If no other action was possible, then how can it be described as a free action?
    • An immediate problem is evident concerning my freedom to choose my desires. If, my character is determined then how much freedom do I really have?
      • Illustration: boys brought up on violent video games, personal abuse and bad food...causing certain violent desires...according to comptabilism the act was free if they go out and torture a cat to relieve their frustration.
      • In regards to the illustration, many would say that their limited upbringing restricted their internal development to a serious extent. They couldn't escape their social conditioning so were not free and had very free real choices. (libertarian criticism)
    • How do you distinguish between a kleptomaniac and a thief?
    • Determinist criticism: all our actions are caused, whether others interfere with us or not is a result of their determined actions, so comptabilism hides from the underlying position that all human events are predetermined.
    • Hume's account of the mind is a passive one.
      • To many this would seem counter-intuitive; doesn't sufficiently account for decision making, the ability to follow rules and select goals and examine arguments.
    • To say that all necessary connections are regular does not imply that all regularities are necessary; to say that all dogs have four legs does not imply that all things with four legs are dogs.


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