AGAINST being equal - Concrete

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  • AGAINST being equal - Concrete
    • The KKK
    • No female ministers
    • The West Borough Baptist Church have extreme views on homosexuality and race
    • Some Christian principles on homosexuality don't promote equality
    • Dutch reformed Church supported the aparthied
    • The KKK
    • The West Borough Baptist Church had extreme views on race
    • Dutch reformed Church supported the aparthied
    • The Crusades
    • The Spanish Navy
    • No female priests or ministers allowed in Roman Catholic or Orthodox Churches
    • Only men work in some modern Christian families
    • God is known as the Father and is a male figure
    • The primary language of the Church says 'he' a lot
    • Hutterites (Christian group) believe women must be submissive
    • The Salvation army believe it is their mission to spread Jesus' teachings
    • The Crusades
    • Pogroms - When Christians, in an organised fashion, persecute and kill Jews in Medieval times
    • German group called UK pegida organised an anti-muslim rally in Newcastle
    • Wars of religion in 16th Century where Protestants and Catholics killed each other


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