Against appeasement

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  • Against Appeasement
    • Against appeasement
      • Chamberlain should have learnt after the Anschluss
      • Military advisers often over exaggerated german military strength
      • Intellegence based on the bomber but german fighters didnt have the range or the power to inflict serious damage on london
      • Chamberlain was self righteous and believed he had a point to prove after his brother became politically famouse
        • Took the chance to "save Britain"
        • He was ignorant of military matters and starved the army of resources
      • Chamberlains visit put a stop to a plot to kill hitler the moment he tried to invade czechoslovakia
        • Naive, Phipps wanred hitler strived for war and Mein Kampf showed his real plans
          • Ignoring the rhineland invasion showed further weakness
      • Had to ask Mussolini for help
      • showed weakness, encouraged hitler to overrun poland
    • Public opinion
      • Appeasement ignored the czechs public and sacrificed them
      • British opinion polls are often over exaggerated
        • Sacrificing czechoslovakia meant sacrificing democratic principles anyway
        • Hitler says he has no more territorial amibitions in europe, do you believe him?               yes= 7%, no=93%
    • Alternative policies
      • Grand Aliance
        • Championed by Churchill who had Hitler's respect
        • Anglo- french invasion would have only been challenged by ten divisions in 1938
        • The public favoured the option of collective security
        • Bitish-French-Soviet pact would have forced a war on 2 fronts
        • Czechoslovakia could have provided skoda works, defences, and 21 divisions, Germany gained its 150 tanks
      • Could have defended czechoslovakia
        • czechoslovakia could have provided skoda works, a mountain fortress, and 21 divisions as well as 150 tanks.
        • "sacrificed a foreign land"


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