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  • Agency Theory
    • Evaluation
      • Research support
        • Blass and Schmitt 2001 - students watched film of study and identified experimenter at fault for harm to leaner. Recognized legit auth as cause of obed
      • Limited explanation
        • doesn't explain why some people in Milgram didn't obey
      • Cultural differences
        • countries differ in traditional obedience
        • Kilham and Mann 1974 replicated in Australia and found 16% obed
        • Mantell 1971 found 85% for Germany
      • Crimes of obedience
        • Explains real-life war crimes eg My Lai Massacre
    • Agentic state
      • Autonomous state: free to behave on their own principles = sense of responsibility.
      • Agentic shift: Milgram suggested this happens when someone higher in social hierarchy - shift of responsibility
      • Binding factors: reduce moral strain. Deny damage or blame victims
    • Legitimacy of authority
      • Hierarchy indicates authority - agreed by society
      • Give up our independence and hand control of our behavior to people we trust to exercise their authority properly
      • Destructive Authority: ordering people to behave in dangerous and cruel ways


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