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  • Afternoons - Philip Larkin
    • Context
      • Larkin(a romantic) recieved Poet Laureate but declined - Was against fame.
      • Didn't marry or travel.
    • Quotes
      • 'Summer is fading'
      • 'From trees bordering'
      • 'In the hollows of afternoons'
      • '/Our Wedding/, lying Near the television'
      • 'wind Is ruining their courting-places
      • 'Something is pushing them To the side of their own lives.'
    • Structure
      • Title suggests mothers are in 'afternoons' of their lives, and the day is almost ending, like their lives.
      • First stanza takes cynical views of marriage and regimented lives
      • Cyclic structure, no change, free verse contrasts unfree lives.
  • Into Autumn (death)
  • People are trapped in their lives
  • Emptiness, hollow existence
  • Things have no importance or relevance anymore.
  • Pathetic fallacy shows time is ruining their relationships.
  • Displacement from themselves, now watch lives that aren't theirs, without control
  • Second stanza more descriptive of individuals such as single or little-supported mothers.
  • Third stanza focuses on lost dreams, hope and needs.


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