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  • Afternoons
    • Overview: mother takes children to park, its autumn, everyday events sad tone, mundane atmosphere, lose of youth.Family life sense of things lost.
      • Passage of time.
    • Themes: time and its passing, everyday events.
    • 'Fading'= slipping away, slipping out of youth, beauty starts to fade.
    • 'The leaves fall in ones and twos'= on the cuspe of middle age, image of decay, slow changes hardly aware of it.
    • 'Hollows of afternoons'= empty no substance.
    • 'Assemble'= takes away humanity, just routine, unemotional, unexpected, mechanical.
    • 'But lovers are all in school'= time relentless marching on, sense of time passing, hayday of youth gone, young taken over.
    • 'Expect to be taken home'= suggests routine, children taking mothers for granted, demanding negative play on youth taking over, bad child parent relationship.
    • Last 3 lines: cycle of life, as soon as you become a parent your needs aren't important.
      • 'Thickened'= changed physical appearance, trapped in a world marginalised by marriage. Time takes away identity.


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