Aftermath of Vietnam War

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  • Aftermath of the Vietnam War
    • US lost 46,000 soldiers
    • An estimated 3 million Vietnamese died
    • US bombing destroyed most of Hanoi and other northeren cities
    • US suffered no physical damage to cities or infrastructure but psychological impact was greater
    • growing drug culture in US partly due to large numbers of servicemen who took drugs during the war
    • Created an atmosphere of pessimism in US and lack of trust for government
    • 1976 Vietnam reunified as Socalist Republic of Vietnam
    • Cambodia fell to communism April 1975 and Khmer Rouge caused genocide that killed over 1 million people
    • 1978 Vietnam invaded Cambodia and removed Khmer Rouge, criticised by UN for invasion
    • As Khmer Rouge were allies of China, in 1979 China invaded Vietnam but withdrew after a month of short, bloody fighting.
    • All of the former French colonies fell to communism but no other 'dominoes' fell so theory appeared to be wrong


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