The Aftermath of the Terror

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  • Aftermath of the Terror
    • Thermidorian Reaction
      • These were the men who overthrew Robespierre. They included surviving members of the CPS & CGS, ex-Terrorists, and the deputies of the NC.
        • Robespierre and associates were labelled Terrorists and blamed for the Terror. Many were guillotined by association.
      • The end of the Terror occurred by:
        • ensuring that the membership of the CPS & CGS was changed frequently.
        • setting up new committees to share gov responsibility.
        • reorganizing the Revolutionary Tribunal.
        • repealing the law of Prairial.
        • releasing all suspects from prison.
        • abolishing the Paris Commune.
        • closing the Jacobin club.
        • establishment of freedom in religion.
    • The White Terror
      • Gangs of young men in Paris named the Gilded youth intimidated and beat up Jacobins, militants and s-c. They stoned the Jacobin club.
      • In the provinces the violence was worse.
        • SOUTH: Lyon, Rhone Valley, Terror had been so brutal there were savage reprisals against ex-Terrorists.
        • WEST: guerrila warfare flared in the Vendee with the Chouan movement. This was a response to the brutal suppression of 1793, in opposition to conscription, and had royalist links. In Briittany and emigre army landed with British assistance but it was defeated and hundrerds were executed. Violence was suppressed by a huge army in 1796.
      • The government was unable or unwilling to stop the violence into 1796.
    • 1795 Parisian Risings
      • Thermidorians abolished price controls in 1794 and so led to a fall in the value of the assignat and high inflation. A harsh winter also led to food shortage.
      • GERMINAL (April)
        • Shortages led to a demonstration in Paris where there was a call for bread and release of members of the CPS, they surrounded the NC.
      • PRAIRIAL (May)
        • Journee was more serious as some were armed and some National Guards joined. The NC were at Cannon point and about to give in but the army regained control.
          • Some leaders were arrested, tried and executed whilst others were imprisoned. Thousands were disarmed and the s-c were broken. The loyalty of the army was crucial.


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