Changing life in the USA

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  • Feminism
    • After WW2
      • 6 millions women worked in factories
      • 200,000 joined the army
    • Growth of Femininism
      • 1963 Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique
      • 1966 Friedan and others established the National Organisation for Women.
        • They demanded equal rights for women in US law and a woman's right to make her own decisions with regards to reproduction
        • Women held protests and strikes in order to gain these rights.
    • Legislation to gain equality
      • The Civil Rights Act of 1964
        • Stated that prejudice and discrimination on the basis of sex and race were illegal.
      • 1970s laws were passed giving women the right to be treated equally at work, to gain access to higher education and equal pay.
      • By 2000 women were in 50 per cent of the managerial posts in the USA.


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