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  • After Life
    • Heaven is a place Where there is an eternal presence of God, It is a place of beauty and blinding light and singing, there is no Death Pain or Evil.
    • Hell is a place of eternal torture for people who have sinned or are non beleivers thats why (in Christians opinion) should turn to God as he is loving and forgiving
    • Purgatory is a place that only Roman Catholics believe in, it's in-between Earth, Heaven and Hell it is a place where people get purified/ cleansed this is as they are not pure enough for gods presence or it is for people to be 'forgiven' for there sins, other Catholics believe that purgatory is made up by the church as they would sometimes ask for money from the relatives to speed up the suffering of purgatory, the only place purgatory is mentioned is in the Apocrypha.
    • Quotes
      • 'I am  the resurrection and the life, the who believes in me will live, even though he dies' - God
      • 'I am the living one; I was dead and behold I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the key of death and Heades' - Jesus
    • Defintions
      • Apocrypha - In-Between old/new testement part of roman catholic religion
      • Salvation - To be saved from something.
      • Redemption - Jesus paid our 'Ransom' and died on the cross from there he went to hell for 3 days so we didn't have to
        • Resurrection - coming back to life after you have died : Jesus was resurrected after 3 days in hell to pay for our sins
      • Doctorine - A beliefe or set of beliefs held by an organisation
    • Rite of passage - A cermny which marks a change in someones life, for exmple, life to death, weddings, christings, bar mitzvah
  • Eulogy - After the Preist/Vicar has spoken some family mebers or friends will speak about there relationship with the person or there greatest achevements but it can jst be about there life


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