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  • After
    • Tsunamis
      • Rebuilding
        • Japan, March 2011
          • $245b in rebuilding funds
          • One year later, very little rebuilding had occured
      • Reducing Impact
        • 2004 Tsunami, Koh Phi Phi Don Island in Thailand
          • The Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and mitigation System set up in 2005
            • Consists of 25 seismographic stations
            • Alerts scientists of significant seismic activity within 2 minutes
            • However, has weaknesses such as that it requires better coordination between governments
          • In 2055, the Thai government suggested that tourist development on the island was limited to suitably built hotels rather than traditional beach huts
    • Earthquakes
      • Rebuilding
        • China, May 2008
          • The Chinese government has committed $1.3 b to strengthening the 2600 schools that remained standing
          • A high sum of $150 b dedicated to rebuilding
          • Welfare programmes expended to help the 1.4 m people driven to poverty by the disaster
          • The reconstruction plan includes 169 new hospitals, all built to be earthquake proof.


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