African states in the world: Securing states today

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  • African states in the world: Securing states today
    • Post cold war: International relations changed
      • The 'destating' of international relations
      • Two theories
        • Development & Security: Duffield
        • Warlord politics: Reno - abandonment of the state
      • End of superpower inflluence
      • Global movement of capital
    • Development and security become entwined: Duffield
      • It is no longer just about securing states - its about securing humanity
        • states get reconfigured in western ways
      • Re-engagement with the state
      • Good guys = governance state. Bad guys = fragile states
    • Case study: Liberia and Sierra Leone
      • Strength in weakness
      • There is now little difference between presidents and warlords
      • Sierra Leone: Dimonds
      • Liberia: Leader, S.Doe. Rule sustained via wealth from the timber industry


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