African A Capella Singing

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  • African A Capella Singing
    • Singing without accompaniment.
    • Mbube
      • A type of South African a capella singing.
      • Loud and powerful - means 'Lion'.
      • Usually sung by all-male choirs.
      • One or two high pitched lead vocals over a four-part harmony bass line.
      • Can be homophonic or poloyphonic.
    • Isicathamiya
      • Soft and gentle -  means 'to tip-toe'.
      • Usually all male.
      • Focuses on blending the voices together in harmony.
      • Four-part harmonies in call and response.
      • Has dance moves - stamps and tip-toeing to keep singers in time.
    • Ladysmith Black Mambazo
      • An all-male choir from South Africa.
      • Sing both Mbube and Iscathamiya.
      • Formed in 1960s.


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