African a cappella Singing

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  • African a cappella Singing
    • Choral Music with no instruments
    • Zulu styles are from South Africa which developed at the start of the 20th centuary
    • Performed at religious ceromonies
    • Linked to dance movements
    • Songs are performed from memory
    • No conductor but a soloist leads
    • Famous groups
      • Soweto Gospel Choir
      • Ladysmith black Mambazo
    • Melody and Texture
      • Very repetitive with the same basic phrase repeated many times
      • Phrases frequently descend and sometimes die away
      • Call and Response
      • Texture is usally homophonic with the different parts moving together in parallel motion
    • Rhythm
      • Complex Syncopated rhythm sound very fluid
      • Flexible rhythms and beat make the music difficult to notate
    • Harmony and Tonality
      • Major key and use repetitive diatonic harmonies
      • Parts move together in parallel 3rds
    • Timbre
      • Singing with force creates a nasal sound
      • soft and mellow blend combined with dynamic changes gives a gentle, rippling effect
      • Unusual vocal effects such as ululating which creates a high pitched wavering sound, tongue clicks ad glissandos


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