Social Impacts of the Afghanistan War

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  • Afghanistan War: Social Impacts.
    • 3 million deaths, both civilian and military since August 1978
    • 1000s of people forced to flee the country to safety.
    • Refugees fleeing to Pakistan has put pressure on their services, housing, employment & food supply.
    • 10s of 1000s of homes destroyed between 1996-2001 by land mines and air raids.
    • Lack of food and services due to high numbers of refugees leaving the country.
    • Taliban denied UN supplies to 160,000 starving civilians
    • Taliban conducted a 'scorched earth' policy (burning vast areas of fertile land)
    • USA began to drop packages containing food, medicine and supplies to the starving and suffering civilians that remained in 2001.
    • Following the USA's involvement in 2001, 25 other countries have provided troops.
    • More than 2700 troops from USA & coalition partners have been killed during the decade of war.
    • Women treated as second class citizens.
    • Taliban was responsible for 66.9% of the 12,793 deaths that occurred between 2007-11.
    • Afghanistan has been named the world's most dangerous country, and the third most corrupt country.


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