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  • Aethelstan
    • capture of York 927
      • sister
        • his sister was married to sithric, king of york
        • after Sithric died his sister was held hostage
      • trade
        • was a big trade center
        • also disadvantage the vikings
      • showed his military strength
      • caused problems with the Scottish as olaf went and hid there
    • links with the continent
      • Henry I of Flanders married his son to Aethelstan's sister, Otto
      • made links so that he did not have to deal with vikings coming from other countrys
      • did it through giving gift
    • dealing with the vikings
      • married his sister to sithric to for an alliance
      • arrival in England of Olaf Guthfrithsson
        • didn't really deal with them in till the battle of Burnanburh
    • Administration
      • kingship remand central to provide and obligations
      • stressed swearing oaths and completing duties
      • drawing up charters
      • rotational system
      • ealdormen meet with the king in meetings once a year
      • half kings
      • made more law codes
        • focused on thiefs and threat
        • dealt with crime and punishment
    • dealing with the Scottish
      • Harrying of the Scottish
        • used both the navy and army
        • lead to Scotland submitting
        • caused vikings to flee
      • Battle of Brunanbruh
        • he won
        • bested both the Scottish and the vikings
        • did not deal with the threat right away


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