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  • advice article
    • first day
      • introduce yourself
        • people won't knwo you if you don't
      • don't just talk to people you know
      • be who you are
        • don't try to be like others
          • clones aren't fun
        • don't be friends with people who don't accept you
    • choosing schools
      • make sure you know someone before you go
        • maybe meet people before the 1st day
          • this will make it easier on the first day
    • fitting in
      • make sure you are free on the first few weeks of term
        • there are sometimes parties
        • you can arrange to see people out of school
      • get to know everyone
        • but make sure you have a close group of friends
        • then you will be able to fit in everywhere
    • if people stay late
      • stay with them even if your close friends don't
        • that way you will fit in with more people
      • there will be another group of friends there
    • ice breakers
      • what are you taking for a level?
        • to see if they take the same as you
      • what house are you in?
      • what did you take for GCSE?
      • are you a boarder?
        • if its a boarding school?


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