Advertising Industry

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  • Advertising Industry
    • Stella Cidre
      • Stella was and still is widely referred to as the 'Wife-Beater
      • Stella's owner is now trying to fight back with a new multi-million pound advertising campaign
      • Advert 1, launched in July 2011 featured french riviera and 'Le Presidente'
      • The second Ad launched in May 2013 featured a house in the country with strong connotations of elegance and a family business
      • The third ad launched in May 2014 featured the work song and had connotations of graft to bring quality products
      • The reinvention of the brand has certainly made big steps towards improving it's image
    • Chanel No.5
      • It is the world's top-selling perfume, reportedly selling a bottle somewhere in the world once every six seconds.
      • between $20 to $25 million is spent annually on marketing for Chanel No. 5.
      • Their adverts utilise the brand's name through the use of celebrity endorsement: Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt
      • Brad Pitt reportedly received a seven figure sum for his heavily mocked ad
      • Brad Pitt also starred in a range of simplistic sophisticated
      • Chanel No.5 TV campaign was launched in 2012
      • The TV ad's are very cliche and offer false expectations of wearing the perfume and love and romance in general
    • T-Mobile
      • T mobile’s ‘Life’s for Sharing’ campaign (launched 2009)
      • Liverpool Street Station Dance Ad (January 2009)
      • "The idea was to create a feeling of spontaneity''
      • Trafalgar Square Sing-along Ad (April 2009)
      • Heathrow Terminal 5 Welcome Home Ad (October 2010)
      • Royal Wedding Ad (April 2011)
      • Britain Loves Parking Tickets Ad (September 2011)
      • All of their ad campaigns have revolved around audience participation
      • The print ads for this campaign were merely screenshots of the videos


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