ads and disads to utilitarianism

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  • advantages and disadvantages of utilitarianism
    • advantages
      • it is secular, people from all different faiths, does not refer to making a moral decision relating to a God
      • it connects with human nature, there is a natural desire for happiness in all of us
      • based on common sense, down to earth, easily grasped
      • treats everyone as equal
      • focuses on human well being
      • compare different actions using the calculus, easy to arrive at a desision
      • can help us make an actual decision when faced with a moral dilemma
    • disadvantages
      • there are other things to take into consideration, not just pleasure
      • focuses too much on consequences - eg: punishing an innocent man for a crime may stop the 'mob' who are looking for a person to blame, but it is still an unjust action
      • leaves out personal or special relationships, people will maximise the pleasure of those closes to them rather than the happiness of the many
      • trample over the  minority groups in society, does the general happiness of the majority count more than the happiness of the minority?
      • using people as a means to an end rather than treating them as an end themselves. (the innocent man being convicted of a crime, being framed means he has been treated as a means to an end no as a person with his own rights


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