The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Tourism

This is just a basic mind map to show the advantages and disadvantages of mass tourism.

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Mass Tourism
    • Construction jobs go to locals, more jobs in those buildings are also provided
    • Lots of things are imported, increasing the economic leakage of the country
    • New facilities may open to locals
      • Locals may not be able to afford new facilities put in place for tourists
    • Tourists often prefer familiar food do it is imported creating more of a global footprint
      • Because things are imported it's cheaper
    • The natural environment attracts more tourists (sun and scenery)
      • Tourist don't respect the local culture/tradition - semi naked, heads not covered. Tourists bring new problems such as crime and drugs.
    • New infrastructure - hotels roads etc
      • New development needs more land, local farmers will have to sell their land, less fod production
      • Pollution - over development
    • Tourism brings more jobs, more reliable wages.
      • The jobs may be seasnal so locals will have to find other work during the rest of the year


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