Advantages of Magistrates

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  • Advantages of Magistrates in the Criminal Court (CATLIMB)
    • C: Magistrates are CHEAPER than full time District Judges.
      • Judges cost £100,000 and the cost of the trial is cheaper than the CC.
    • A: Few successful APPEALS, shows that they are successful at decision making.
      • Most of the few appeals are against sentencing, not guilt.
    • T: Improved TRAINING means that the magistrates are not complete amateurs.
      • Most decisions requires common sense and not professional legal training.
      • Trial by peers rather than the system.
    • L: They have LOCAL knowledge as they work or live in the court locality, which saves time.
      • As opposed to the CC where explanation of the area may be required.
      • Seen in Paul v DPP
    • I: The language used is INTELLIGABLE to the ordinary person.
      • It is explained in understandable terms, using LESS legal terminology.
    • M: It involves MEMBERS of the community, providing justice to the people made by people and a wider cross section on the bench.
      • Than it would be with professional judges and allows for involvement of ethnic minorities.
    • B: A more BALANCED and fairer view can be given
      • 3 heads are better than 1
    • S: SENTENCING can take account of local problems
      • Under the Drugs Act 2005, the police can arrest for trigger offence.
        • Such as theft or burglary committed to gain money for the purpose of drugs.


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