Law Advantages and Disadvantages of influence on parliament

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  • advantages and disadvantages of influences on parliament
    • pressure greoups
      • advantages
        • give the public and minorities a voice
        • help MPs keep in touch with what people think
          • eg. anti smoking group - ASH lead to ban of smoking in public places in 2007
        • raise public awareness of an issue
          • fathers 4 justice
        • members offen have expertise in the campaign and topic
      • Disadvantage
        • some large groups are extremely influential
          • doesn't allow smaller groups to have a say
        • the methods of some pressure groups
          • strikes
          • protests - blockading of oil depots can cause disruption
          • direct action - fathers4 justice
          • members of countryside alliance broke into the HC in favour of fox hunting
        • may only represent a minority view
    • media
      • advantages
        • play a powerful role in bringing issues to attention
          • of government or parliament
          • eg. publication of MPs expenses in 2009
          • eg. register of sex offenders
        • coverage in media can raise public profile of an issue
          • add weight to public opinion
      • disadvantages
        • ownership of newspapers
          • and other branches of media
          • all owned by small number of people
        • views may adopt views of their owner
          • may also be what the public want to hear
          • Rupert Murdock
        • links between media and politicians
        • create panics by drawing attention and exaggerating issues
          • can result in unwise legislation
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