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  • Adorno's Authoritarian Personality
    • Procedure
      • 2000 white Americans and their unconscious attitudes
      • Fascism scale
    • Findings
      • people with authoritarian scored high
      • had fixed cognitive style with distinct stereotypes
    • Authoritarian Characteristic
      • especially obedient to authority
      • contempt for people w lower social status
      • inflexible in their outlook
      • highly conventional attitudes towards sex,race and gender
    • Origin of personality
      • forms in childhood as a result of harsh parenting
      • create resentment and hostility in the child - cannot express fear - fear displaced onto weaker people
    • Evaluation
      • Research Support
        • Elms 1966 replicated and found link between obedience and authoritarian personality
      • Limited explanation
        • explanation of obedience in terms of individual personality is hard to explain country population behaviour
      • Political Bias
        • F-scale measures extreme form of right-wing ideology.
        • cannot account for obedience across whole political spectrum
      • Method Issues
        • criticism of the F-scale
      • Correlation
        • not matter how strong the correlation between authoritarianism and harsh parenting, cause cannot be drawn


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