Adolescence(9-18 years)

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  • Adolescence (9-18 years)
    • Physical Development
      • Boys: Grow taller/heavier   Grow pubic chest/facial and underarm hair.     Shoulders broaden and chest    Voice breaks or deepens (larynx )    Adams apple grows
      • Primary sexual characteristics: Male and female reproductive parts you're born with.
      • Secondary sexual characteristics: The parts which develop in adolescence
      • Testosterone: Hormone produced by the testes that controls the development of the male sexual characteristics
      • Oestrogen: A hormone produced by the woman's ovaries that controls the development of sexual characteristics and stimulates change in the reproductive organs
    • Emotional Development
      • Parents and friends need to be patient and understanding
      • Personality is developed-characteristics habits and experiences come together from a personality.
    • Intellectual Development
      • Abstract thinking: Ability to think about concepts and ideas
      • Think more in a logical way to solve problems/teens develop their own set of morals and ideas of right and wrong
      • Problems with Abstract Thinking: Thinking for yourself may cause problems/disagreements/Exams and School
    • Social Development
      • Teenagers start to become more influenced by peers rather than what their parents believe
      • Relationships tend to get closer




emotional development?

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