Adobe Flash CS6


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  • Adobe Flash CS6
    • Adobe Flash is a multimedia and software program used to create graphics, animations, games and other applications which can be executed by Adobe Flash Player.
    • Tools
      • Motion Tween
        • Motion tween is a tool that allows you to easily animate the motion of an object. Instead of tweaking the object in every frame, you set the beginning and ending locations and the object will automatically move.
      • Symbol
        • Symbols are the foundation of interactive project developement. They help keep file size down, aid in organisation and allow you to use ActionScript to manipulate the appearance.
      • Frames
        • The frames are the signal images within the animation,. The frames are displayed in a specific sequence at the specific speed to create the illusion of the animation moving.
      • Buttons
        • Button symbols enable you to add interactivity to your projects, including rollover and disjointed rollover effects, in addition to triggering functions.
      • Preloaders
        • When you are loading something quite large which may take a while, you can create a Preloader which is a screen telling which appears when content is loading. This could be anything from an animated percentage bar to a cup being filled with liquid at the same rate of the file being loaded.
      • Controls
        • Controls in flash are basic functions such as Play, Pause and Step forward one frame. They are used by the creator to do things such as watch their creation, pause it at a specific time and find a specific frame.
  • What is Adobe Flash CS6?


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