Administration Department

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  • Administration Department
    • Definition
      • Managing information through people. Responsible for storage and distribution of info in business
    • Role
      • Computers create and store     documents. Networks allow for work to be stored and access documents . Diff levels of management have confidential information
      • Medium-large businesses daily backups and have servers only for this purpose
      • Intranet- internal communication system allowing employees to share information and not leave desks
      • Customer service businesses uses electronic recording system to protect business (employees and customers)
      • Department must develop and implement policies for factors of admin (how to do a sales order) this must be taught to employee from training onwards
    • Characteristics of effective department
      • All information should be reliable, complete and easily understood
      • Information must be obtained from reliable sources, it must be current and of relevance
      • Conform to legal requirements and in the right legislation


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