Criminology - Adler

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  • Adler, 1975, "Sisters in Crime"
    • Adler used case studies
      • studied how women funded and supported their drug habits
    • based on accessibility and opportunity inherent in situations
      • situations influenced by socio-economic status
    • stereotypes of women were passive
    • types of crimes women committed: burglary, shoplifting, abuse, murder of children and the elderly, terrorism
    • lifting women's restrictions and increasing opportunity in the workplace
      • become greedy, violent and crime prone like men
      • social, economic, cultural, enviro, professional and religious opportunities
    • technology increased and took over the roles of the women
    • during the war women had to leave the home and fill male vacancies
    • female crime has increased and opportunities have increased
    • legitimate and illigitimate women
      • legit = driving cars, illegit = stealing cars
      • legit = allowed in bars, illegit = street fighting
      • the law abiding and criminal women
    • socio-economic influences
    • crime with less physical strength or weapons
      • weapons compensate for lack of strength
    • emancipation of women relied in achieving legal and social equality with men in public


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