Graphics- Adhesives for Paper and Card

Mind map of Adhesives used for Paper and Card for Graphics AQA exam.

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  • Adhesives for Paper and Card
    • Glue Stick
      • For sticking paper and card.
      • Non-Toxic
      • Cheap
      • Clear when dry
      • Environmentally friendly
    • Rubber-based cement
      • For sticking paper and card
      • Is applied to both surfaces and left for about 10 minutes before bringing the surfaces together.
      • Repositioning is possible
    • Glue Pens
      • Liquid
      • Can be messy to use
      • Bond paper and card
      • Glue is clear when dry
    • Aerosols
      • For sticking paper and card
      • Spray Mount
      • For mounting photos onto paper or card
      • Cover large areas
      • Allow repositioning


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