Additional families and households

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  • Additional families and households
    • same sex relationships
      • stonewall- 5-7% in UK are in ** relationships
        • my not be an increase but people are more open
        • changing attitdues
          • more socially sccepted
          • decriminalised 1967
        • social policy
          • 2004 civil partnership act
          • 2014 ** couples can marry
    • one person households
      • increase, usually men over 65
        • increased divorce rate- women gets kids
        • creative singlehood- choose to live alone
        • older widows
    • cohabitation
    • living apart together
      • increase in adults in relationship but not married or cohabiting
        • cant afford it
        • choose to remain at home
        • LAT favourable
    • stepfamilies
      • aka blended/ reconstituted families
      • account for 10% families in britain
      • ferri and smith
        • similar to nuclear families but more likely to be in poverty
          • due to increase in divorce, male may have other children, lack of clear social roles
            • face problems such as divided loyalty or conflict
      • Allan and craw
        • face problems such as divided loyalty or conflict
    • single parent familes


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