addition of alkenes

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  • addition reaction's of alkene's
    • hydrogation
      • nickel catalsit + 150
      • goes from saturated to unsaturated.
      • addition of H2
    • the pi bond
      • in all of these reaction's of alkene's the double bond breaks due to the weakness of the PI bond only leaving the single SIGMA bond in place
    • addition of halogens
      • will foarm a dihalogen alkane (saturated)
      • Cl2, Br2, F2,I2
      • known as halogenation
    • halide ion's
      • produces a halogen alkane
      • hydrogen halide are gasses at room temp and are bubbled though a halogen alkane.
    • H2O
      • steam is added not water
      • called hydtation
      • in the presence of a phosphoric acid catalist
      • foarms a alcohol
    • electrophilic addition
      • drawn out here
    • addition of unsemetical
      • basicly know that + HBr could be in any location. on the alkane.


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